Fonds d'investissement

Private Equity - Understanding PE Business Processes and Controls


The objective of this training module is to provide participants with a solid understanding of the principal processes and controls within private equity. This module is taught by a team of recognised experts and may include additional guest speakers to reinforce certain practical aspects.

  • Fund set-up & structuring: tax and legal aspects, including practical examples
  • Deal structuring and draw down: type of instruments, overview of deal clauses, draw-down mechanism
  • Fund raising: strategies and examples, commitment mechanism, closing
  • Operations & processes (context AIFMD)
    • PE administration (valuation of PE assets, NAV calculation, management fees, the registrar, transfer and paying agent, domiciliation)
    • The role of the depositary and its responsibilities in a PE context (overview of vehicles requiring a depositary bank, role and duties of the depositary bank / by instrument)
  • Risk management
    • The regulatory environment for risk management of AIFs and SIFs
    • Defining an AIFMD compliant risk and liquidity management framework
    • Identifying, measuring and managing risk (liquidity, counterparty, credit, operational) in the context of real estate.
    • Leverage concepts and how they increase the volatility of returns
    • Building market and liquidity stress tests (quantitative versus qualitative approach)
  • Investment exit: the three main exit routes in Private Equity (IPO, secondary, trade sale)
  • Distribution: the waterfall model, theory and practice
  • Liquidation
& Examen
24 h
Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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