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Learn how to create an account, how to access agendas, course material and certificates

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1. 1 M y C lient Portal User’s Guide

5. 5 1. I n " Your Orders ", click on the order number to open it and access your invoice.

4. 4 Once connected, you will have a n over view of: • your training orders • your registrations • your bills and payments Management of your portal

3. 3 Enter your username (your email address) and your password. If you have forg otten your password, insert your username (your email address) and then click on the "Reset your password" link . A new link will be sent to your email address. Be careful , as the link will expire after 24 hours . Conn ecting to the portal

2. 2 INTRODUCTION The c lient portal allows you to have a complete over view of your training, including: - your registrations - your bills and payments - your appointments and course materials in PDF format - your attendance certificates in PDF format USER’S GUIDE When you first registered, you created a House of Training customer account (personal or corporate ). This account g rants you access to your c lient portal. I f you have already registered for one of our training courses, your customer account will already exist. The creation of a new account will generate a duplicate record and will not give you access to data previously registered with us. I f you have a company account, only the person in charge of the company’s training program will have access t o the information about your training, including course material s . Note: Your username or identifier is, by default, your email address. For companies with multiple entities, the identifier may be different for each entity. Account Creation

6. 6 2. In " Your Registrations ", click on the registration number to access: • Your course materials • Your certificate of attendance (available 48 - 72 hours after the date of the training) • Your schedule (the dates of the training sessions) 3. I n " Your bills and payments ", click on the invoice number to download it as a PDF. Attention , i f your account is for a company , only the person managing the account will have access to information about your training, including course materials. QUESTIONS? Contac t us at : , +352 46 50 16 – 1. Private Account or Company Account


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